InfoDynamics: An Organizational Simulation

What Is InfoDynamics?
SigmaWorks has created InfoDynamics, an enjoyable non-computer simulation for eight to ten participants, each managing one department in an organization. Participants learn valuable organizational lessons which generalize to all types of settings, including industrial, service, health care, education, and non-profit agencies.

What are the learning goals in InfoDynamics?

  • Adopt effective internal communication strategies.
  • Understand cross-functional versus departmental thinking.
  • Identify presence of perverse incentives which maximize local, not system, performance.
  • Plan better measurements.
  • Identify bottlenecks.
  • Understand system dynamics and delay loops.
  • Develop long-term instead of short-term thinking.

Participants gain intuitive understanding of these concepts as they work with the two hour simulation, then discuss their simulation results during a debriefing session, and develop "back-home" transfer plans during an application session.

Where can we use InfoDynamics?
Use InfoDynamics anywhere you wish to create greater unity of thought and action: team orientation and team meetings, department meetings, leadership retreats, conferences, and educational courses.

Who can use InfoDynamics?
Infodynamics requires no special preparation or equipment. Executives, department heads, supervisors, front-line staff members, and students have all enjoyed and learned from InfoDynamics.

How do we access InfoDynamics?
A trained facilitator will bring InfoDynamics to you. He or she will direct the simulation, debriefing, and application sessions for all participants. The application session can be tailored to the issues of concern in your organization.

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